People are dying of preventable diseases every day. Symptoms and early warning signs are not recognized in time and the approach to disease prevention is outdated. At xbird we believe that technology can radically improve our chances of surviving preventable diseases. Through the power of data, we are bringing the future of health management into the present day. 


Data Collection

We extract millions of data points from smartphone sensors, wearables and medical devices, combining environmental and digital biomarkers.   

Pattern recognition

Our data scientists and medical experts combine these data points and identify patterns leading to critical health events.


Patient interaction

We help companies integrating with our SDK to augment their existing products and add value to their user interaction.



Behavior and environment can directly influence our health; both can act as a catalyst for various health conditions. At xbird, we keep track of both factors by using the sensors in your smartphone or wearable. Health care professionals can use our information to make better-informed decisions and personalized treatment recommendations for their patients. 




Our solution monitors personal environmental and behavioral digital biomarkers by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to millions of data points. This technology enables us to connect adverse health events with behavioral causes and create actionable insights for both doctors and patients.


How are we doing this?

We are already using our solution for diabetes patients to detect and prevent hypoglycaemia. We realize this by collecting valuable insights about the behavioral component of diabetes and its impact on blood sugar levels. Our algorithm detects micro-movements through the sensors built into smartphones and wearables and interprets these into daily activities and special events that have an impact on their condition. This happens automatically, without any need for manual logging. By taking into account these digital biomarkers it is possible to put hypoglycemia into context and predict it. 

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Interdisciplinary Team. Shared Goal.


We are a team of medical doctors, data scientists and serial entrepreneurs. Our motivation is to improve health care and to save lives with the aid of technology.