Help us now so we can better help you in the future!

Why take part?

  • By helping us your are actively contributing to the development of a product that will help people with Diabetes type 1 better manage their blood glucose levels.

  • You can become one of our beta testers for our product & contribute with your feedback to the design of the product.

  • If you currently do not use a FGM/CGM (Continous Glucose Monitoring) device, we will provide you with the opportunity of using a FGM sensor for free for the duration of the study.

  • The project will not require much of your time, apart from installing an app on your phone with our software and sharing your generated CGM/FGM data during the 3 weeks of the project duration.

  • We compensate you for your effort and time (150 EUR Amazon Voucher).

Get involved!

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Our vision for diabetes type 1 management

We want to make the lives of patients diagnosed with Diabetes easier to manage and ultimately, help avoiding hypoglycemic and hyperglycemia episodes.

A person with Diabetes type 1 has to make dozens of therapy related decisions every day. Current diabetes apps in the market are not helping enough - often the main purpose is visualizing historical data. In our product vision, we want to go a different route and focus on providing helpful information to people with diabetes in real-time. We think this might help especially people with diabetes that have recently been diagnosed. Examples:

  • “You are working longer than usual today. Consider checking your blood glucose and if you need a snack.”

  • “The last time you were at this bar we noticed some difficulties in keeping your blood glucose in range. Please be mindful.”

  • “Hey keep in mind that after walking for so long, you increase your risk of low blood sugar.“

We aim to deliver this information at the right moment in time, since our technology can automatically capture the person’s activities and context. We do this by analyzing sensor data of smartphones such as accelerometer data. We do not share this data with anyone.

Improving our technology

We want to further improve our technology and actively help avoid hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic events. To do so, we need anonymized data sets of activity data, blood glucose and insulin data. The data will be used to test and train our machine learning algorithms. The data will anonymized and will not be shared with anyone outside of xbird.


xbird wants to build a better future for Diabetes type 1 management

Help us so we can help you in the future!