Why are we doing this? 


Every minute 8 people die from a preventable disease. Often the reason for these deadly outcomes is due to the fact, that critical symptoms are simply detected too late. Is this necessary? We believe it’s not. A more reliable, automatic and early detection of the very first signs could significantly improve this shortcoming. We think technology is the remedy to overcome this systematic health care problem. 



How are we doing this?

We are already using our solution for diabetes patients to detect and prevent hypoglycaemia. We realize this by collecting valuable insights about the behavioral component of diabetes and its impact on blood sugar levels. Our algorithm detects micro-movements through the sensors built into smartphones and wearables and interprets these into daily activities and special events that have an impact on their condition. This happens automatically, without any need for manual logging. By taking into account these digital biomarkers it is possible to put hypoglycaemia into context and predict it.